Mead, quite possibly the oldest known alcoholic drink to man. Traces have been found in pottery vessels in Northern China dating back to 7,000bc. In Europe it has been found in vessels dating back to 2800 -1800bc belonging to the Bell Beaker culture.
The Dorset Mead company has over the last 5 Years been experimenting with blending of Mead with various wines, herbs and spices resulting in our range of Twelve Meads, or to be more accurate, Melomels with fruit and Metheglin when herbs and spices are added.

Mead begins life as Honey and water with the addition of yeast and nutrients. Honey is heavy in sugars but low in nutrients so we have to help it along, without feeding, it would end up quite low in alcohol, and sickly sweet.
Once fermented it is back sweetened with more honey, this also drop the alcohol levels to an average of 14.5%abv.

The Dorset Mead Co – Nectar of the Gods.

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